Artist Nickova Behling presents solo show Sea, Sand, Land

We are delighted to present the solo exhibition of Nickova Behling, Sea, Sand, Land in our DC Cafe & Gallery from Saturday 9 to Friday 15th December 2017.

The show will feature painting and prints produced during a three-month artist’s residence and studio occupancy in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland at Custom House Studios, Westport Quay in Summer 2017.

The new paintings are highly influenced by the maritime environment Nickova was living in. They are an approach of expressing our emotional response to the landscape we are occupying. Landscape is not something set apart from us but we are imbedded into it and its within us – visually, emotionally and physically.

This exhibition will add to the display at Towner Art Gallery, exploring human responses to the British landscape.

The prints on display are the first approaches of expressing traces from her personal history – relating to letters during the WW II between her grandparents.

About the artist

Nickova Behling specialises in painting, printmaking and collaborative, interdisciplinary, performance art. German Abstract Expressionism and Informal Painting influenced her style. Her approach in her own practise and as workshop facilitator is playful, intuitive and expressive, in terms of the use of materials and process.

She completed an MA in Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Sussex and has a BA Degree in Visual Art, Philosophy and Science of Education from the ‘Hochschule der Kuenste’ (Art University), Berlin, Germany.

She writes: “I use a variety of media including acrylic paint, ink, natural pigments and flora. I also work with photography, both as an independent medium for expression and as a source of inspiration for my paintings. I experiment with both form and materials, creating invigorated paintings with significant surface activity and texture.

I am an experienced workshop and project leader and work as mentor providing professional development support for creative people. I am the founder and creative director of Artahead, an organisation that aims to facilitate inclusive community art projects and professional development.”

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