Alexio @ DC1 Cafe

Photography by Elia Comes.

Italian chef Alexio Pasquali has recently opened his new cafe at our DC1 venue on 67-69 Seaside Road.

He is serving breakfast and lunch including freshly made sandwich platters, lasagne and salads. Come enjoy a cooked breakfast of Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine. Alexio also serves many pastries and cakes including muffins, cookies and croissants.

Sandwiches include smoked salmon, pastrami, parma ham and mozzarella, halloumi and sun-dried tomatoes plus vegetarian and vegan options.

The cafe is the perfect place to come hang out with family or friends, see great art and learn about our ever-changing art workshop offer. We look forward to welcoming you into the cafe.


Open Tuesday to Sunday, 8am-5pm
DC1 Cafe & Gallery, 67-69 Seaside Road, Eastbourne BN21 3PL
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 Gallery at DC1


People and spaces are at the heart of this joint photography exhibition by Axel Hesslenberg and Mark Nelson.

Axel Hesslenberg’s subjects embrace the new, open space on Eastbourne’s Pier.

When the old amusement arcade was not rebuilt after the fire, a new wooden decking gave residents and visitors the opportunity to stroll onto the pier, sit and chat like on a Mediterranean plaza. Some alone in their own thoughts, others in groups, all walks of life, a peaceful congregation of everyone.

While the fire was tragic, the restoration created a space to breath.

Mark Nelson also examines the life of everyday people in their environment. From the man alone with a briefcase, slowly making his way home at New York’s Grand Central Station to four girls in Havana, captured in an impressionistic style on a Summer’s evening, with an air of mystery surrounding each image.

Mark will also be showing his short film Berlin: Alexanderplatz, inspired by the Herman Hesse poem ‘Stufen’.

Private View Thurs 27 July 6pm

Artist Talks Thurs 3 & 10 August 4 – 5pm

British photographer Mark Nelson is a co-founder of First Light based in Brighton in 1981. In 2003, the First Light Gallery was asked to create a series of ongoing exhibitions on all British Airways planes (300) over the following eights years in their First Class cabins.

Mark Nelson’s career began as a traditional black and white/ colour printer for professionals in the 1980s before becoming a photographer himself.

His work is now held in collections in New York and Paris. His most recent exhibitions have been in WhiteConcepts Gallery, Berlin, 2014; Brighton University, 2014; 35 North Gallery, Brighton (American Stories, 2016 , European Stories, 2017); and now at Devonshire Collective with Human Stories in Eastbourne with Axel Hesslenberg.

His film works have included a documentary on Buddhism in India for National Geographic, and in 2017 he completed the short film Berlin: Alexanderplatz (14 mins) for the Berlin Film Festival Fringe 2018. At the DC1 Gallery, visitors have a chance to preview the film, which is about life, death and hope based around a Herman Hesse poem Stufen.

Mark is currently working on the score for his next film set in the US called A Place About 50 miles West of Here.