Crossing The Screen International Film Festival


Domenico Della Valle:

I am a filmmaker and a cinematic event organiser and in cooperation with my associate Manfredi Mancuso,

we are working hard to produce   “Crossing The Screen International Film Festival”  in the town of Eastbourne.

It  is a film festival, meant to showcase innovative and independent forms of visual art from all over the world.

CROSSING THE SCREEN is devoted to discovering and celebrating unique voices and up-and-coming new cinema talents, who are not afraid to transcend traditional storytelling.

The 1st edition of CROSSING THE SCREEN 2016 was held at the Birley Centre in Eastbourne, East Sussex, in November 2016.
CROSSING THE SCREEN 2017 will take place in Eastbourne, at the prestigious Towner Art Gallery, on 23-26  November 2017 and in various supportive satellite locations across town like the DC Gallery, The Belgian Cafe and The Hart Pub.

OUR AIM IS : To transform Eastbourne as  the “New Cannes” of the British Riviera