Women of Eastbourne exhibition opens on 12 January

Women of Eastbourne will launch a new exhibition of research, photos, models, interactive exhibits and interesting artefacts on 12 January. This special exhibition coincides with the launch of the website for Historical Women of Eastbourne Heritage Project.

Women have often been overlooked when it comes to recording historical events. Of the 21 statues, memorials and plaques in Eastbourne, only one celebrates a female (author Lucy Atwell) and when Eastbourne celebrated its 700th anniversary as a market town, there was no mention of the role of women in its evolution.

Now is the time to highlight women of influence in Eastbourne in the lead up to the forthcoming anniversary of female emancipation in the UK in 1918.

Women of Eastbourne aims to inspire the women of Eastbourne by celebrating and highlighting the work of the towns’ most prolific women from history.

There will be plenty to see and do, so do come along and discover the hidden history of Eastbourne women. There is no charge to visit the exhibition, but donations are appreciated!

Women of Eastbourne
12-19 January 2018
DC1 Cafe & Gallery 

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