Contribute your pencil sharpener to Judith Alder’s installation

Help artist and curator Judith Alder collect 1000 pencil sharpeners for a new piece that will form part of Devonshire Collective’s opening exhibition, COLLECTIVE, which will open on 8 December.

They don’t need to be special, or fancy or clever or gimmicky, just any old Helix (or any other make) will do – plastic, metal or wood; graffiti-ed, doodled on, paint spattered or good as new – all are welcome in our collection.

In order to accommodate all comers, there will be 3 classes in the great pencil sharpener collection:

  • Class 1 – sculptural functional
  • Class 2 – novelty
  • Class 3 – sharpeners with a story

Please send your sharpeners to: JUDITH ALDER (SHARPENERS), C/O THE LEAF HALL, 51 SEASIDE, EASTBOURNE, BN22 7NB or pop them in the collection box which will be inside the entrance door during opening hours, 11am to 3pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

Or call Judith on 07713 287365.

If your pencil sharpener does have a special story, please place the sharpener and a note of your story in an envelope with your name and contact details.

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