DCLive presents new national touring Theatre productions at Leaf Hall

DCLive are very proud to be presenting Three innovative and contemporary touring productions at Leaf Hall from March 2019.

Starting on Tuesday 5th March with Peril At Sea

In association with Up The Road Productions

Touring theatre company Up The Road Theatre are back on the road with a brand new production, Peril at Sea.

The company’s second production is performed by three actors, and weaves together seafaring and maritime stories: tales and myths of shipwrecks, smuggling, sea rescues and survival.

Three characters wait through a stormy night for the local lifeboat to return. As they wait, stories tumble out of the night – tales, memories, myths, legends and songs – all told by a multitude of characters. Amongst others, audiences will hear from sailors, submariners, smugglers and survivors. The production is an opportunity to commemorate and celebrate those who have risked and lost their lives to save others, and the communities in which they lived.

Tickets from https://onlineticketseller.com/events/?id=1704&event=perilatsea or from DC1 Cafe & Gallery

Also at Leaf Hall are;

Saturday 16th March – The Journeys of Captain Silver Crow

In association with Dirty Foot Prints Theatre

Saturday 23rd March – Thick and Tight 

Straight from London’s International Mime Festival at Sadler’s Wells, the multiple award winning dance duo exploring mimi, gesture and queerness in dance.

A mini cabaret performance

In association with Brighton Dance Network

Tickets from https://onlineticketseller.com/ or DC1 Cage & Gallery.

For full details please visit Devonshire Collective’s What’s On Event page at https://devonshirecollective.co.uk/events/category/events/

Many more exciting productions to be announced shortly.

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