Election of 2nd DC Member Representative to the Devonshire Collective

Devonshire Collective

Election of 2nd DC Member Representative to the Devonshire Collective CIC Board of Directors for 2018/19

The Board of Directors are inviting nominations from the current Devonshire Collective membership body to join as a 2ndDC Member Representative on the Board.

Nominated individuals must be current DC members (fully paid or free through living in Devonshire West area).

You can nominate yourself or another member.

Once elected, DC Member Representatives to the Board will represent the views, concerns and ideas of all DC Members, not their own interests.

DC Member Representatives to the Board will be expected to attend 6-12 Board Meetings per year minimum and support the work of the organisation. The Board currently meets once per month, but this will hopefully go to quarterly meetings in future.

2ndDC Member Representative will sit on the Board for 1.5 years for 2018/19. A new representative will be elected next June 2019. You can stand for re-election.

Why Join Our Board? 

  1. Get more involved in the local arts community
  2. Represent views of individual artists, makers and creatives in our network
  3. Learn new skills and receive training on being a Board Director
  4. Help make strategic decisions about the running of our charitable business for the benefit of the community and wider public
  5. Have fun being involved in behind-the-scenes running of an organisation

How to Nominate Yourself for Election

To nominate yourself, please email info@devonshirecollective.co.ukwith:

  • Name
  • A 50/100-word statement about yourself
  • Why you want to join the Board and what you would bring to DC membership


Key Dates;

  • Deadline for nominations: Thurs 2 Aug at 5pm
  • Ballot papers emailed & posted: Fri 3 Aug
  • Voting deadline: Thurs 10 Aug at 12pm
  • Election results announced  Fr 11 Aug

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