Hydrocracker makes theatre in non-theatre spaces. We do so for a reason: to make a story speak more powerfully. Our intent is political – we want to change people’s minds.

We want more for our audiences than to sit in the dark and watch. We believe there are new audiences for theatre who will come to see work in new and exciting places. We believe there are new ways to talk with these audiences.

We are interested in what an audience can do. Can they answer back? Can they change what happens? Can they be heroes in their own story?

Website hydrocracker.co.uk

Twitter @HydrocrackerCo


“Joyful and generous ……interactive theatre at its best.” – The Guardian


“This brilliant production …leaves you in no doubt it has something important to say about the world we are living in today, and not an ounce of shyness about saying it.” – Fringe Guru


“..profoundly disturbing experience… claustrophobic, politically brilliant and beautifully performed.” – The Stage