Lindsay Talmud


I have always made things. I remember playing with clay taken from the banks of the river near my house in Cape Town when I was a child, in the fifties. My commitment to pottery began in the seventies in London at the Camden Arts Centre. Not long after, while employed as a History and Special Needs teacher, I set up my own pottery studio where I worked and later taught small groups and individuals of varying skill levels. Working with clay became my passion. I was captivated by this primordial material and drawn to the process of moving from plastic clay to fired ware, which, over time, somehow also reflected a transformation in me.

More recently, in a studio I built in the hills west of Jerusalem I held classes for enthusiasts, enjoyed the view and experienced the thrill of firing my ash-glazed pots in a gas kiln.  I produce mainly wheel-thrown, domestic stoneware. Pots, particularly bowls, are an important part of my mental landscape; my life is incomplete without them. A year ago I moved to St. Leonards and have now joined the Eastbourne Studio Pottery.