Lucy Dean


Lucy is a mixed media artist and teacher, producing her own artwork and leading bespoke workshops, developing courses and creating collaborative pieces.

The starting point of much of Lucy’s work is naturally occurring patterns found in the local environment. Drawing on Victorian ornithological influences, the current series “Illusionary Birds” reflects through detailed design a personal emotional response to the birds, which draws the viewer in for a closer look. Limited edition prints of these are available to buy.

Previous collections have included “Structures” and “Geometry In Nature”.


With a degree in theatre design, Lucy is a community artist of 25 years standing and a qualified secondary school  art teacher. Lucy believes everyone is creative – they may just need some direction harnessing their abilities.

Lucy works with different groups in a wide range of settings, delivering art workshops and training events to both experienced creatives and those who are new to creativity and / or who lack confidence.

Lucy excels in creating bespoke workshops for professionals so that they can deliver inspiring art activities to their service users, whether there clients be children, young carers, adults with dementia, etc.. “I have employed Lucy for a number of years to lead children’s workshops for my charity, as well as delivering training for my staff so that they can build on Lucy’s marvelous ideas and concepts” Leanne Jones (Gingerbread Corner)

Contact Lucy. Email :

Twitter @lucywebberdean