Devonshire Made Artist Showcase

Devonshire Collective will showcase 5 South East artists and host a networking event as part of our new series for artists, Cafe Culture.

Come along to a late opening to see the artwork and hear talks from the selected artists including:

Izabela Brudkiewicz
Nikki Davidson Bowman
April Yasamee
Paula MacArthur
Jane King

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Artist Opportunities for Autumn/Winter 2017

We have a number of exciting artist opportunities to share with our community of artists. From micro art commissions to artist residencies, these opportunities will help artists expand their art practice, progress their career and get support for new projects.

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Tears For The Earth

Eleven artists showing activist artworks on themes that include environmental destruction, consumerism, recycling, plastic pollution, agricultural animal abuse, war, media corruption and more. Paintings, poems, photos, sculptures – mostly made from recycled materials.

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