Cabaret Cerises : Rewinds Time

An evening of burlesque, cabaret & comedy, brought to you by local professional & amateur performers, including the Cherry Long Stockings from Cherry Dance’s burlesque dance course. At Leaf Hall, Eastbourne on Friday the 5th April, come join us for a fantastic evening of entertainment! Doors & bar will open at 7pm Seating area will […]

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The Journeys of Captain Silver Crow

When Captain Silver Crow’s ship, the Mary Ellen, is conjured up to a mysterious island, there is only one way for the crew to regain freedom: storytelling. Three stories must be told, and they have to be ‘most unbelievable, most unimaginable yet unequivocally true’. It is a matter of life and death. Captain Silver Crow chooses […]

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The Crab Prince at Leaf Hall. 51 Seaside

A mermaid tells the story of Prince Fred who one day magically turned into a stinky, funny-looking crab.The Crab Prince makes lots of friends in the rock pools, many of them even funnier looking than he is. They have a great life together, making up games and having races. Then one day a little child called Sandy comes along and asks the Crab Prince for help.

At last, the Crab Prince has a chance to break the spell.

But something is wrong… he needs to get back to the rock pool and only you can help him.

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