visual arts exhibition

LIGHT DIAL PART III: Collectress with Rutter & Bennett

Light Dial part 3 is the continuation of an ongoing experimental collaborative project between Collectress (artists/musicians Rebecca Waterworth, Quinta, Caroline Buckley and Alice Eldridge), and artist duo Rutter & Bennett. Through sharing methodologies, improvisation, discussion and doing as a form of making, the artists will work together to create musical compositions, drawings, collages and choreographed movement.

FRETTING: An exhibition by Anita Chester

Fretting is a descriptive term for anxiety. It is also an activity: as a child I went “fretting” with my Dad, a Longshoreman of Eastbourne. On winter days, we would scour the sand at low tide, looking for valuable metal objects – coins, rings, medals etc. Today, I continue this tradition of fretting, but now I collect plastic trash. I fret about the amount of plastic that is accumulating in our environment.  The work in this exhibition is the expression of my feelings about plastic pollution in the ocean. 

ART FOR ALL Walk & Talk with Emma Mason

Come join an informative Walk & Talk with Guest Curator Emma Mason and learn more about our April Threshold exhibition Art For All, which shows the original lithographs commissioned by Guinness Breweries in 1956 and 1962 to celebrate the first edition of the Guinness book of Record.