COVID-19 Statement

DC1 Café and Gallery

The café and gallery spaces will be closed to the general public for the foreseeable future during the Covid 19 crisis. We are postponing our exhibition programme.

DC had already started its exciting transition programme, of creating an attractive new gallery space up-stairs with a higher spec and redeveloping the downstairs gallery as a community gallery / education space. We are consolidating what we have to offer for artists, creatives and the local area.

DC staff, the board of directors, members and volunteers will be using this time to continue the revamping of the café and gallery, We will also be developing our new initiatives and developing our new business model, so keep an eye out for social media updates.

Staff will be using the building, whilst taking full regard to the health and safety guidance.

Please make contact with the staff by email or phone, before coming to DC1 As there may not be someone there at the usual opening times. Please do not be offended if staff do not invite you into the building either.

DC2 Eastbourne Studio Pottery and artists studios

The artist rented studios will be managed by the individual hirers.

DC3 Workshop Space

This space will still be available for hiring out, and workshops can continue. Extra provision for soap, surface cleaner, etc will be made.

This space may also appeal to those who are not able to go their offices in London etc, to be hired as a work space, rather than actually working at home.

Please ensure all current hirers arrange the collection of keys well in advance of their events, as it may require organising differently from usual.

Emails please to

info@devonshirecollective.co.uk  to reach Angela Elliott

facilities@devonshirecollective.co.uk to reach Adam Spain

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